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What do we do?

We analyze your organization, and create simple end effective solutions that move your business forward.

Why should you hire us?

We can give you an outsider's perspective on the current business situation, and be a catalyst for change.

What will we do for you?

  • Document your organization, and your systems
  • Identify urgent problems, and suggest quick solutions
  • Provide objective evaluation on the state of business
  • Establish a grand vision for the organization
  • Find areas for cost and labour saving
  • Create brand new revenue opportunities
  • Suggest and implement new processes, automations, and tools
  • Train your work force to be effective and creative
  • Revive your organization's culture

Recent Projects

Clios: Esteemed International Creative Award Competition
Ads of the World: The World's Largest Advertising Community
StockLogos: The World's Largest Logo Store
Mediabistro: The Largest Media Industry Hub in the U.S.


Ivan Raszl, Owner / Consultant
Email: ivan@raszlkovacs.com
Tel: +1.917.825.7100
Social: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+

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